About Sharon

She’s a fighter.

While most clients acknowledge her innate ability to listen, simplify and help them see what they haven’t been able to figure out – they all love her ‘kick-butt’ approach. In the true spirit of coaching she loves seeing her clients win.

Coactive Training Instutitue

Sharon’s move forward philosophy let’s people check their baggage at the door. Her ‘never give up’ attitude comes primarily from overcoming obstacles as an entrepreneur and while growing up in a tough family environment.

In keeping with her desire to make life better for others she initially chose Social Work, but after just five years she felt restricted, bound by bureaucracy and buried in paper work. Shortly thereafter her passion for entrepreneurship became clear.

Looking back Sharon now realizes most entrepreneurs are slightly insane and therefore always looking for new challenges, but like everything in life – it can come at a price.

“The combination of fear and excitement keeps the adrenalin pumping with the desire to see what you can achieve. It’s all too easy to give too much without filling up the tank.”

For Sharon, the business was another opportunity to learn who she really is on the inside and what that means. That’s where the call to Life Coaching came from. Inspiring others to battle through whatever is holding them back from their true potential is what she does naturally.

If you’re ready to take the first step, Sharon’s always ready to help you remove obstacles and face challenges with a different perspective.