Co-Active coaching

Co-Active® Coaching is a powerful and consciously designed relationship between you and me in which I am primarily dedicated to serving your long-term development of effectiveness and self-generation. Recurring evidence-based assessment of progress toward clearly defined & observable outcomes grounds the process in commitment, action and accountability.

The Four Cornerstones of the Co-Active® Model

  • People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole:
    this means that they do not need “fixing”. The resources are already there.
  • Dance in this Moment:
    this means that all people dance now in the magic of the moment whether consciously or not.
  • Focus on the Whole Person:
    this means that we bring all aspects of the whole person into the coaching in a mindful and meaningful way.
  • Evoke Transformation:
    • “Evoke” means to “call forth”
    • “Transformation” is a deep elemental shift in consciousness on the path of evolution.

* “At its most resonant, life is a journey of growth, evolution and transformation.  People are yearning to be called forth into the greatest expression of them possible.  They are hoping that someone will believe in them enough to stand for that.”



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