Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Co-Active Life Coaching?
Co-Active Life Coaching is a powerful and equal alliance between you and me, designed specifically for you, to enable you to realize extraordinary results through a process of self-discovery, goal-setting, action and measurable outcomes.

Who would, typically, hire a life coach?
Typically, my clients are men and women who are visionary, creative and want more out of life (i.e. enjoyment, passion and purpose). They come from diverse backgrounds and are at various stages in life’s transitions.

What can life coaching do for me?
Life coaching can bring to you conscious awareness, clarity, focus, deeper learning and forward movement in your life. As your coach, it is my desire to listen, support and acknowledge you wherever you are in your journey while allowing you to reconnect with your strengths and potential.

As my coach, will you tell me how to make changes in my life?
As your coach, it is my job to help you to re-discover and re-connect with who you really are, what it is that you want and determine what is blocking you. As we uncover the real you, identify your dreams, goals and barriers, the how often emerges from within.

How can I find out if coaching is for me?
I offer a free, no-obligation starter session. I will make certain that you understand the process, assess your needs and goals, and give you a brief sample coaching session. At the end of approximately one hour we will decide if we are a match and go from there.

What process do you use and how long does it take?
I ask that you commit for 3 to 6 months in order for real & lasting change to occur. After that, the contract may be month- to- month or you may choose a maintenance program.

Following your free starter session, should you enroll, we begin with a Discovery/Foundation Session lasting 2-3 hours. This is essential for understanding one another and for designing an alliance that will work for you. From there we meet monthly by phone or in person. The sessions range between 2-4 times monthly depending on your schedule for a total of approximately 2 hours per month. Between sessions, you may call or email for a quick, specific coaching.

How does life coaching differ from therapy or counseling?
Although coaching may be therapeutic, I do not analyze past events or trauma, nor do I diagnose a mental or emotional state. I hold you naturally creative, resourceful and whole. In other words, you do not need fixing. I do, however, address the emotions that are currently attached to past events insofar as they may limit your progress. If an issue is beyond my expertise, I will refer you to the appropriate professional.

I am currently seeing a psychologist. Can I also benefit from coaching?
Yes, with the agreement of your psychologist, the two can work very well together. While the therapist is helping you to sort out and understand the past, you and I can plan for change and a more fulfilling, productive future.

Is life coaching covered by extended health care plans?
No, currently it is not. However, you may use the cost as a tax deduction under two scenarios. First, if you own your business or work as an independent contractor and, second, if your employer agrees in writing that you and your job will benefit, you may classify the expense as Personal Development on your tax return.

How do I pay?
At the Discovery/Foundation Session you must pay an agreed upon deposit. The monthly charge is due at the beginning of each month.

Can life coaching help me with my business?
You are your business. Change occurs at basically three levels. The first level is situational. You are struggling with a specific situation that requires a change in perspective, state of mind or technique. The second level takes place in a wider range or whole category of events and may require new strategies. The third, and most transformational level, is the shift that occurs in your “way of being” in the world, your business and your life.

This goes beyond situations and skills to your inner self. In this process you change your experience of everything: how you view, feel about and experience yourself and others. This is the essence of leadership. Great leadership transfers to the bottom line!

Is life coaching simply another “new age” fad?
Coaching in many forms has been around us forever. In recent times it has been evolving to meet the ever-increasing demand for personal and leadership development in a world where communication has become isolating, impersonal and sometimes intimidating. Life coaching deals with ‘real issues’ in ‘real time’. Life coaching re-connects us to ourselves and to others in a way that is purposeful, rewarding and fulfilling.