Sharon, I thank you from the bottom of my heart(now open) everything you did for me. It has been an amazing journey for the past few months, thanks to you. I have learned so much. It was your life coaching that opened me to explore myself and my journey I have been on is one I will cherish forever. I can’t wait to experience my future and all that it will bring. Thank you!!

Barb Miles, Fredericton


On September 13th, 2014, I received an email from Sharon in response to the letter I had written her explaining my story.  She congratulated me for having the courage to tell it to a complete stranger.  I was on a job in Alberta.  We talked on the phone almost every week.  We covered a lot of ground and from then to now, I’ve organised myself and benefited in ways I never had before.  In spring of 2015 I flew to Fredericton to meet her.  She met me at the airport, one of the happiest days of my life!  What had finally clicked in with the life coaching process was that each day really does depend on my reactions to whatever situations come up.

Thank you Sharon,

Jonathan Hunter


“My experience with Sharon has provided me with business coaching sessions that are helpful and productive. Ideas on improving the policy and procedure manual, lessons on progressive discipline, devising appropriate interview questions and development of a staff training manual are some of the tangible results obtained in the 12 initial sessions. I found having someone experienced in the business world reassuring to my situation. I craved someone as a sounding board for the issues I faced. I found these sharing sessions particularly helpful. If you have the need for a principled professional to be a confidante, advocate and advisor, I highly recommend this experience to any business owner.”

Mary Mersereau, Owner Swifty’s, Fredericton


(excerpt)……   “These sessions helped me understand myself in a way that has given me self confidence and clear direction. It has helped validate who I am.  My personalized coaching with Sharon moved my business forward in a professional manner at a very fast pace.  This shift was taking place before my very eyes with each weekly session.  Imagine my excitement seeing such immediate results!!  I am in a leadership position so it was extremely important for me to understand Me before I could lead others.    I am now having fun and enjoying the challenges life brings each day whether it is in my personal life or professional life.  It has restored my desire to be the best I can be each and every day.   I Now Believe in Me.   I have lost the backpack of guilt, frustration and limitations, I feel lighthearted, happy and empowered to  spread my wings and be open to opportunities, enjoy new experiences and new dreams.

Thank you Sharon for helping me find my way.  It has been a positive eye opening experience for me and has made ALL the Difference in My World.   The best part of this experience is knowing Sharon, you are only a phone call away if I stray from my path you are there to light the way!!   For that I am very grateful.

These personal coaching sessions with Sharon are very powerful and helpful for anyone no matter where you are in the path of life!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!   There is only One You!

Reignite your Passion for Life and Follow Your Dreams you will Love Yourself for it!”

Jane, Halifax Business Owner


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I found Sharon Cowan when my company was growing rapidly and I had to figure out how to handle the deluge of new responsibilities. At first I saw her for personal guidance and eventually business advice which she she has a wealth of, having run one of the busiest flooring businesses in Fredericton for many years. As a coach she is a penetrating, no nonsense person with a great sense humour to ferry you across the great abyss. I highly recommend her service for those wishing to become more effective humans and business people.”

John Morgan, Fabinex, Fredericton


“What if you could have everything you ever wanted in life? What if money, education, location, and resources didn’t matter? What would that look like? – These questions moved me from a state of “settling” to a state of “reaching”. What is important to you? – Not what do you think should be important to you? I was able to openly and confidentially express my thoughts and opinions, while having Sharon always push me to look at things from different points of view. She challenged me to get uncomfortable and just go for it. She won’t tell you how to find fulfillment, but she’ll certainly give you the pen and paper to map out your own course to get there. If you feel you’ve “settled” in any aspect of your life, Sharon can give you the tools to take action”

Jeremy DeMerchant, Director of Admissions, Yorkville Uniiversity, Fredericton


 “The coaching sessions I have had with Sharon have been a very positive experience. I have found Sharon to be insightful and intuitive and I have been able to draw on and gain from her business experience. Through coaching, I have set goals and been kept on task to achieve those goals. Sharon has helped me to be the best I can be!”

Wendy Southworth, President
Priority Personnel, Fredericton


“Working with Sharon has been truly remarkable…her empathy and ability to guide you to ask yourself the tough questions and then come up with your own answers never ceases to amaze me. Under Sharon’s guidance, I continue to make great progress towards confidence and freedom! Thanks, Sharon!

Karen Evans, formerOwner-operator
Perma-Shine, Fredericton

  ”Several months ago I went to see Sharon Cowan – she had been recommended as a personal life coach and I thought that maybe she could help me with some issues in my life that were not being resolved. It seemed that I was going around the same mountain over and over again, not knowing what was standing in my way. After only a few sessions, I was able to see, with Sharon’s amazing perception, what was at the root of this issue. She worked with me, offering suggestions but mostly helped me on the road to self-discovery. She shared tools which have helped me in various areas of my life on an ongoing basis.

Sharon displays qualities of genuineness, empathy, kindness, intelligence and confidentiality among many other attributes. I highly recommend her as a personal life coach.”

Debbie Landine

“I met Sharon at the Women’s Nurturing Ourselves Conference in the fall of 2007. I attended her workshop, The Many Faces of Fear, and was very impressed with her style of presentation. I booked the complimentary coaching session and knew then that she could really help me with my journey towards a new life by seeing my strengths and giving me positive focus. I then enrolled in her women’s group sessions, Women of Wisdom (WOW) and observed as she gave her presentations and worked with each member of our group. It was a truly amazing and wonderful experience. She was very respectful of each of our current situations and issues. She was always professional and maintained style and dignity throughout the program. I believe life coaching is an invaluable tool and Sharon has helped me immensely in achieving this part of my journey. Sharon is a wise and empathetic woman and is a great asset to her field.”

Elizabeth, Fredericton
WOW Group

 “Sharon – you are very wise. I was amazed at the way you identified with everyone and could draw them out and work on their specific needs. I am looking forward to the one-on-one session and would certainly consider life coaching at a later date.”

Heather Vienneau, Remax Realty Fredericton
WOW Group


“Sharon’s sessions have given me the insight and strength to help me move on with my life.”

A hard lesson learned – years I can’t take back
But guess what girls
I’m on the right track!

I’ve missed out on so much fun
But my new life has started — now I’m #1.”

Nancy, Fredericton
WOW Group


“Sharon Cowan is one of the most enterprising, determined, resilient people I know. She is those things at the same time as she is deeply caring, sensitive, insightful and wise. With this combination of characteristics, Sharon is a talented and successful life coach – one who inspires others to move past life’s adversities and challenges so they can free themselves to fulfill their dreams and passions, as she has and continues to do.”

Marcia Dorfman, Executive, Leadership Coach
Kingston, Ontario


 “Sharon is a creative, dedicated and compassionate coach who really delivers for her clients. She listens with her heart and asks the powerful questions that lead her clients to their own answers. She empowers them to discover their passions and live their dreams.

Deola Perry, CPCC, PhD
Ogden, Utah


 Some thoughts on the “Uturn Warrior”
“The ‘warrior’ brings up lots of thoughts of standing up for yourself, defending yourself or your values or your family, taking an active part in the creation or preservation of yourself. I very much believe in choices that are not a passive dictate from others. Your warrior does signify courage, strength, action, protector, defender and/or provider. Warrior also implies skills. They train and hone their skills continually. ‘Uturn’ is also great as it puts the emphasis on self and not coach. It has lots of change implications but just different directions and phases and paths. Again, not passive. You are in charge and steering perhaps down a different road at a different speed but still you are in charge and control. Also leaves room for learning new skills and driving tools.”

Charlotte Crawford, PEI

Client patterns:

What clients share is the burning desire to live life to the fullest and to do so from a place of authenticity and integrity. They desire to be the best they can be and to be who they really are.

“After enlightenment nothing changes but
Everything is different.”